Solar Audio Post – Rohwer, Arkansas

When war broke out between the US and Japan during the Second World War, Many Japanese Americans were forced to move to ‘relocation centres’ due to the American government fearing attacks and sabotage from within. This is a period in American history most would like to forget.

Rohwer Relocation Centre Audio Interpretation

A number of ‘relocation centres’ were created, one being in Desha County, Arkansas named the Rohwer Relocation Centre. The relocation centre opened in 1942 and closed in 1945; its memorial cemetery is now a National Historic Landmark. With a brief of preserving the story of the site, the National Park Service and Arkansas State University planned an interpretative walking tour of the site.

We were contacted about Solar Posts, which in their opinion were perfect for providing audio content around the Relocation Site thanks to their sustainability and simple 2 button operation. After some discussion and back and forth we eventually supplied 3 Solar Posts but also built the solar electronics into 2 audio signs. Both of which are solar powered and therefore perfect for use outside on historical walks or heritage trails. The Audio Content was voiced by actor George Takei of Star Trek fame, who as a child spent time in Rohwer with his parents.

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