U-Turn Round, Warrior Run Middle School


Rand Whipple, Box of Light Studios

The school is doing a lot with technology. We wanted to do a U-Turn project that would involve the community. It’s been a wonderful part of the project…

The history of the Warrior Run school district has been brought to life thanks to four U-Turn Round Audio Points. The community of Warrior Run in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania have worked together to create the project that delves into the history of the community, which has been spread across four U-Turn devices installed in key areas.

U-Turn Round Warrior Run High School Outdoor Audio

Senior students at the Warrior Run High School were given the task to research the history of the area with each of the four units housing audio that was specifically recorded for their chosen location by the students themselves. Thanks to the self-powered capabilities of the U-Turn Round it was ideally suited to this project, that aimed to bring audio interpretation to outdoor locations with no power, also the easy to use update system means that content can be changed at any point in the future. The four U-Turn Units have been installed in front of the Warrior Run Middle School, the Historic Warrior Run Church, the Hower-Slote House and one is due to be installed at the Watsontown Canal Boat Pavilion.

Outdoor Audio U-Turn Round Warrior Run High School

Many of the students enjoyed being involved in the project and got an opportunity to learn about their local school district.

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